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Reunion Diving

Professional of the sea for many years, I decided to offer you my services directly by creating your own club today.
Réunion Diving is therefore totally dedicated to you, with the main aim being to offer you a service at the top of the quality, from which will naturally flow safety and pleasure.


Conviviality and personalization guaranted !!!!


As the name suggests, Reunion Diving is based on this French department: Reunion Island.


It is located in the south west of the Indian Ocean, between Mauritius and Madagascar.
Unesco World Heritage Site, this small volcanic island turns out to be a huge playground.


In addition to its grandiose circuses, the Piton des Neiges (the highest point in the region) and the Piton de la Fournaise still in operation, I invite you to discover the Indian Ocean in all his splendor.



Scuba diving ( or snorkeling).
We accompany you from your first immersion to the highest levels of recreational divers.


In this young volcanic island with a tropical climate, you can dive throughout the year in water oscillating between 22 ° C and 29 ° C.

Daily appointments are scheduled at 7:30 am, 10:30 am and 2:30 pm, while encouraging flexibility to adapt to your desires and schedule.

For Who

All those who want it!

Reefs abound, dizzy falls, amazing wrecks … The playground is also well suited for those who want to start the Activity than experienced divers ! Diving is accessible to all from 8 years (in the absence of contraindicated medical).


Come and enjoy lush treasures by immersing yourself in the heart of the Réserve Marine Nationale de la Réunion.
Based in Saint Gilles les Bains, Diving Reunion allows you to dive on the West Coast from the Bay of Saint Paul to the Etang Salé by way of Saint Leu;
Also on the East Coast at Sainte Rose and l’Anse des Cascades. You will benefit from a complete panel of the different sites of the island.

With Whom

Réunion Diving :
Commercial Structure Accredited by the French Federation of Underwater Studies and Sports, active status at the National Association of Scuba Instructors, affiliated with Scuba Schools Internationals and can certify its training at these different national and international organizations.

Human encounters sharing his passion, nothing is better !!
Originally from Brittany, I was able to work also in the Mediterranean and abroad.
I am now the holder of different diving titles:
Diplôme d’Etat Jeunesse et Sports
Moniteur Fédéral 2nd degré
Advanced Open Water Scuba Instructor*


By appointment only, the reservation must be made at least 24H before the scheduled date.
Tel: (+33) 0692 744 507
When you arrive we will deal with administrative matters and then move on to equipment. We will prepare the gear and carry out the briefing either on the boat or before going down if we dive from the shore.

Snorkeling la réunion
poissons 974
fond sous marin réunion

If you have never dived!


Specializing in adult and child initiation (baptism), I invite you to come and experience a sensational adventure.


Conscious of the exceptional nature of being able to breathe underwater, as well as the apprehension that this may generate, I would be alone with you for your first immersion and guaranteed you 100% of my attention to make this extraordinary adventure one unforgettable moment.


Close to the surface (6 meters max for adults), where light and fauna are the richest, you will succumb to one of the many reasons to adore diving; Whether it is the technical feat of breathing under water with advanced equipment, evolving into weightlessness such as astronauts or even the discovery of fauna and flora.


Submerged by this new world, chances are you will decide to do a diving training.

Diving Courses


Affiliated to the FFESSM, ANMP and SSI, you are sure to find what suits you in the training that I provide.


If the first stage is generally Level 1 French (5 sessions + theory ) or international Open Water Diver (7 practical sessions + elearning ), you can choose to point to the 12 Meter leaded diver in case of tight timing.


You can continue with the PE 40 by remaining framed, or go towards autonomy with the PA 20.


Levels 2 and 3 are then accessible !

Fun Dives


You will be spoiled for choice with diving on the outer slope of the coral reef, diving into caves, faults and tunnels, or diving on wrecks.


In addition to the classical dives we offer night dives (incredible!), Drift dives, deep dives or even consonance Bio or Archéo.


Two dive tanks (out on more distant sites with 2 dives and cetacean research) are also organized.


Contact us and we will provide you with more information if you wish!

Just with fins, masks and snorkels


Reunion Diving is also a snorkeling tour with two options:

An exit on the top of the coral reef near the shore where you will enjoy the reef and its lush fauna.

Another in search of cetaceans, often outcome fruitful because 3 species of dolphins are observed all the year.


After a short boat trip or directly from the shore, we will stop at the nearest dive sites, with a depth of our playground between 1 and 6 meters.

.ver sapin de noël

Volcanic rocks, large coral potatoes , hard coral or other coral brains, soft corals , sponges, algae or anemones; You will evolve in the middle of hundreds of species of crustaceans, fish such as Parrots, Surgeons, Trumpets, Balloons, , Butterflies, Angels, Lion fishes to name but a few, why not Green Turtles or even Eagles or Stingrays.

Empereur Juvénile

In other words, you will not know or give a head in the middle of this abounding life!


Even if it is impossible to guarantee their meeting ( we are not in Marineland !), You have every chance to meet one of the three species of dolphins residing all year in Reunion.


Tursiops Aduncus, Tursiops Truncatus (Flipper), Stenella Longirostris are seen daily around the island, it is with them that one is most likely to get into the water! However, Dolphins of Electre, Fraser or whale shark are seen but more sporadically.


PMT avec les baleines

During the Austral winter, the Humpback whales (Megaptera Novaenglia) leave the South Pole, find calmer waters to mate and give birth; Among others in Reunion where one can have the chance to cross them from June to October.

Hearing the males, swimming alongside the females and their babys are among the most incredible experiences that our planet can offer us, so do not hesitate and cross the course!

Framed in the water by a patented instructor, in groups of eight maximum, the approach is obviously in compliance with the charters to avoid the harassment of these animals. Several conditions for a safe launching : That the animal is not agitated (when it makes jumps is not the moment!) That the sea conditions allow and that there are not too many boats on zone, but the game in Well worth the effort!



With Fins, Mask And Snorkel

From 8 years old
Reef Snorkeling 55 €
Cetaceans Snorkeling 80 €

With the Tanks!

For Childrens (8 to 14 years old)
Discover Scuba Diving 65 €
Child Training (4 dives) 300 €
Just to enjoy
Fun Dive/ Exploration Packages 5 Dives 10 Dives
With Equipment and Divemaster 60 € With Equipment and Divemaster 280 € 550 €
Autonomous Equipped 45 € Autonomous Equipped 210 € 410 €
Equipment 10 € Autonomous 250 € 490
Extras Les Extras
Night Dive 10 €
NX 40% Max 10 €
Certification 15 €
Licence FFESSM 50 €

With pleasant sea conditions all year round, do not hesitate to pass your boat license in Reunion Island!




Valid for life for:
– Sail at sea less than 6 miles from a shelter
– Motorboat over 6CV – Freely use a Jet Ski


From 16 years, the coastal license allows you to sail day and night, within the limit of 6 miles of a shelter that is 11 kilometers, without limit of power and size of the boat.


This permit is valid for life and internationally.


Your theoretical and practical training will be carried out according to your availability.


Concerning the unfolding; The passwords obtained allows access to the training and tests of the boat code in e-learning, allowing to work at his own pace at home; But there is also an indoor class once a month.


From 70% of the progression on the net , we carry out the exam registration of the code which takes place every two weeks on Thursday in the afternoon at the Port in the offices of the maritime affairs (av. July 1789).


The examination: The candidate is asked about 30 questions (MCQ), 5 errors are allowed. The examination takes place with an electronic box and slides.


On the training program:
– Coastline marking, beaches and pictograms
– The lights and marks of boats.
– The rules of bar and RIPAM


Once this examination has been validated, return to St Gilles’ premises for a one-and-a-half-hour group lesson on the captain’s roles;
All that remains is to schedule the two hours of practice (during which both training and certification takes place) according to availability and it is done.


The rate is 290 euros, 250 if you are several to register together.
Tax stamps of 38 euros for the code and 70 for the license are not included.





Extension accessible to holders of the coastal license, it is the permit that allows to navigate beyond 6 miles of a shelter;


At the rate of 690 euros for one person, 490 from two people.


It is a theoretical training of 20 to 25 hours to improve its knowledge in navigation:
– Marine map
– calculate its route according to the course followed, taking account of the winds and currents,
– calculus of tides
– meteorology


One-and-a-half hour theoretical examination.

bateau cotier

Ask anything here!


    (+262)0692 744 507